Get To Know Every Stage of the Process

As a considerate customer, you might want to know every step that will be taken even before you place your order to get homework help. That’s understandable and even smart. We are glad to provide this information to you to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and clear out the doubts you might have.

First, you fill in the order form

To place an order, proceed to the order page and fill in the form there. As you will see, there are some basic questions about your paper size, type and urgency level, but also more specific ones concerning the quality standard, the ability to use a premium writer, etc. Do not miss any of them. On how thoroughly you fill in the form depends on how well our specialist will understand your requirements. Of course, you will be able to provide extra info in the process, but the data we have at the very beginning influences the choice of a specialist to deal with your order.

Then, you pay for your order

The system doesn’t start working until a payment is made. So, it depends on you. There are a few payment options you may use. There is no difference that one you choose. They are all reliable and can be trusted. Once the payment is affected, the mechanism starts moving, and we are all set to go.

We find a writer

Once you have defined what type of homework help you need and made the payment, we start checking our base of specialists looking for the one that will fit best. The selection criteria include specialization, experience and availability. Usually, it doesn’t take much time to find a writer with appropriate qualifications, so we will be able to start working on your order without delays.

The writer starts working on your order

Then the writer gets down to work. The process includes defining and going through relevant sources, writing an outline and a draft, editing and proofreading. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it is definitely not. There are a few constituents of the entire writing process. They are individual work of the writer, customer guidance, quality control and final approval.

The paper is emailed to you

When all work is finished, the paper will be emailed to your specified email address. In 100% of cases, it is BEFORE the deadline you set. Now, this is a very important stage. Look through your paper, and if there are ANY corrections you would like to make (the ones that comply with your initial requirements we mean), make sure to request a free revision. There are two weeks for you to activate this option, and if you fail to do so, we won’t be able to help you.

As you can see, all processes are fine-tuned and work perfectly to deliver excellent user experience to our customers. Make sure to use it!