Check out What We GUARANTEE to Our Customers!

So, are you still hesitating about using our service? If so, you hould check the guarantees we provide for our customers. Promises are for amateurs. Guarantees are for professionals.

100% quality guarantee

So, what does quality mean in terms of homework help? First and foremost, that no orders will be treated as non-important. That’s just not how we work. Even if you need a few pages of text – even a few paragraphs actually – we will go through all the stages of our process to ensure delivering high quality services. No stages will be omitted.

Then, we set very tough requirements for our specialists. They have to use only the most reliable and verified sources. No forums are allowed. Our experts produce only 100% original content. We’d like to stress on it. Originality is of a major importance here. That’s why all the writing produced is checked with plagiarism-detected software several times. No traces of it will be left in your paper – guaranteed.

Finally, your paper will go through editing, proofreading and quality assurance stages to make sure that it is completely ready for submission and getting you a well-deserved high grade.

Protection of privacy

Our customers are safe in terms of their personal data. First of all, we don’t require any information besides what we need to send you a paper and record the fact of your order for discount accumulation purposes. And the bits of information we do require are never disclosed and protected with the state-of-the-art software. Still not feeling safe? Then you might also want to know that we delete any extra information taken in the process from our system. The less information we store, the lower are the chances that someone will get unauthorized access to it.

Day and night support

Need more information? Call us, write us, chat with us. Choose what is more convenient for you. Our support department operates 24/7 without days off or vacations, and they have all the answers you need.

If you don’t feel like talking to anyone, there is a FAQ page to explore. We have tried to cover the most common questions there.

Timely delivery

99% of orders are fulfilled on time by our specialists. The secret is to leave enough time between the actual writing stage and the quality assurance stage. Then, if something is wrong, we have time to fix it before the deadline approaches.

You might be wondering what the remaining 1% stands for. Well, there are cases when customers feel like revamping the entire paper almost at the very end of the process. It is possible, of course, but it also requires a great deal of time, especially if the changes are major. In these cases, writers are not always capable to finish before the initial deadline, and we are forced to postpone it to ensure high quality of fulfilment in line with the new requirements.

We hope it will dispel the latest bits of doubts you might have and lead you straight to ordering. We are ready to start working!